Drainage, Hydraulics and Hydrology

Our site planning team utilizes efficient computer programs and design techniques to provide the most refined and economical designs possible and
satisfy local authorities requirements.

When a detention pond is required, we painstakingly make sure that the minimum detention storage rate "Cs", allowed by concerned authorities, is used. For this purpose, we utilize
adequate methods recognized by all governmental authorities.

All drawings for site plans and drainage are produced using the latest AutoCAD program.

Axis Engineering Inc. has substantial experience in hydraulics and hydrology studies. We have completed a considerable number of projects varying from industrial and commercial to small and large residential subdivisions.




Foundation Exploration

Axis Engineering Inc. has created an electronic system, monitored by a computer, for measuring vertical dimension of deep foundations. The test is non-destructive and does not require excavation. The depth is deduced using waves generated by striking the foundation with a hammer. The waves
are received by highly sensitive and accurate sensors, recorded on the computer hard drive and then analyzed.