Company Profile

Since it was founded in 1982, Axis Engineering Inc. has provided engineering services to the public and residential construction industry as well as the telecommunications industry.

The staff at Axis Engineering is specialized in providing customized solutions for each project with the highest engineering quality. Our expertly qualified and highly motivated personnel have the ability to respond rapidly and reliably to your needs, using powerful standard computer methods and programs developed by our own engineers.

Axis Engineering Inc. has an extensive background in the civil, structural and geotechnical fields. Our products consist of drainage plans based on hydraulics and hydrology studies; structural design of new buildings as well as performing structural analysis of existing buildings, towers, and other structures; geotechnical studies including deep and shallow foundation design.

The staff at Axis Engineering can acquire permits from all municipal agencies as well as TXDOT, TNRCC, OSHA, FCC, FAA, FEMA, Fish and Wildlife, and the Corps. of Engineers.